The Car Import broker of the Netherlands

The demand for used cars – equipped with petrol engines or electric drives – has increased dramatically in recent times. Especially used cars from recent years are very popular.

The supply, which has been low for some time, makes it a real quest for the car supplier to find the vehicles sought by the circle of potential buyers. Autoservice Heiloo’s business activities extend and focus on the purchase and delivery of, among other things, (efficient) vehicles from various manufacturers to car companies and private individuals.

Through carefully built contacts at home and abroad, Autoservice Heiloo has acquired a market position from which it is easier and more promising to find and buy the ‘right’ cars.

The import of the vehicles as well as the BPM calculation and the processing of the RDW obligations are carried out and taken care of by Autoservice Heiloo itself.

If your customer is looking for a special car or if you cannot find it, please contact Autoservice Heiloo.